Dental Crown Preparation and Role of CEREC

There have been a number of revolutionary changes happened and still happening in the field of dentistry. Among many other things that are done, crowning holds prominent importance. Someone who loses the tooth usually considers dental implant and crowning in order to get ideal replacement for the lost tooth. Crowns can be placed on the top of already suffering tooth, or it can be fixed on the top of a man-made titanium root which is called dental implant. The material from which a crown is made is not only good at giving amazing appearance close to the real tooth but it is also strong enough to give tooth its strength back. In other words, the crows made now days are well capable of giving dental patient the normalcy in eating habits back.

When it comes to crown production, it’s worth mentioning about the CEREC technology. This technology is being used by most of the dentists across the US. Some offices have CEREC equipment right in their offices. It means that they can provide patient with quick solution in a single visit. CEREC technology promises the production of highly customized crowns in very short time.

What is CEREC technology and why it is amazing?
There are a few points that elaborate how amazing CEREC technology is. Let’s discuss those points briefly.
  • Since this technology is based on formation of objects with the help of 3D imaging, the patients can ensure that their crowns are made without errors of even millimeters. Hence, a properly fitting crown is going to make your tooth adjusted well and give you the comfort that of a natural tooth.
  • One of the biggest concerns with newly made crowns is color matching. It has been pretty much difficult for the dentists to find perfect match which would also fit in terms of resemblance with the color of surrounding teeth. CEREC allows dentists to make the perfect color match.
  • Biting into the unpleasant paste in order to form teeth impression is something most of the patients hate to do. This CEREC technology has eliminated the need of biting the paste this way.
  • According to statistics, this technology has been proved as the safest and most effective method of producing customized crowns that fit the needs of every patient. According to statistics, these are around 300 million dental restorations made with the help of this technology.
  • The material used for formation of crowns is quite reliable. This is the reason that crowns made using this technology are highly reliable, strong and long lasting.